Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Friendships are Golden

Just recently I made a decision to part ways with someone that was very dear to me. It was not an easy thing to do as this person was someone very dear to me and will always be. I have grown so much in these past few years emotionally, mentally and I feel that the good times are just beginning. I refuse to dwell on the negative like alot of people do. You know, the ol hum and drum of " I have been through so much"! Yeah , well so has the rest of the world! What's new?

I also refuse to surround myself with people that can not respect me or my opinions. Friends should be able to talk about anything.
Definition of a friend is:a person who gives assistance; patron; supporter. Found that in the dictionary. On that note I would like to say that I feel that friendships are not disposable but bad attitudes are. Life is too short for bad attitudes and besides getting angry just ages you more.

Saturday, June 9, 2007

30's compared to the 20's-Decades of my life

I never thought I would say this but I am enjoying this point in my life. The way I see and do things have definitely slowed down significantly. I feel like someone handed me a good pair of reading glasses and now I can actually see things in front of me. Looking back my 20's seemed like such a blur. I know they were fun that is all (ha-ha).

There is a comfort knowing that at this age it seems like my life has just begun. The friends that you thought were friends are not around but the ones that are stick around for important moments in your life. In my 20's the night flew by so fast that I did not have enough time to appreciate conversations or moments. The next day I was too tired to remember. Oh well, the next day do it all over again. Now a get together with a friend is golden and time seems to be gradual.

I know that I am a sensitive soul but now I feel that it's been turned up a few notches. My younger years were so feisty and and anti so many things.

I am more appreciative of what I have then of what I do not. I was pursuing love in my 20's and I was lucky enough to find it. Out of that love 2 beautiful children came. I feel more beautiful then ever because I am now comfortable in the skin that I was given. This is me, this is really me. It's all good. Besides 30 is the new 20 and women are taking better care of themselves nowadays.

I think black and white, the way I see it is you either get better as you grow older and you age like a fine wine or you get worse like an opened bottle of soda. You lose your fizz. I am opting for the fine wine. Cheers to a great life!!

Saturday, June 2, 2007


Ahhh yes back to beautiful reality after romping around the city of lights like untamed children. Vegas thank you for showing us such a good time! So it's off on the road and back to our homes, but keep looking at the road straight ahead and just know that we will be right behind you on another adventure and more stories to tell. Until then.


Tuesday was very mellow, we checked out and drove over to the Wynn hotel for a delicious lunch in the patio overlooking a beautiful pool situated in a breath taking garden.


We got in to our hotel at 6 passed out and woke up around noon. We put our swimwear on and headed over to the Hardrock Hotel and Casino for a club that they have in their giant pool called Relax. My hubby opted to skip on this one and head on to the poker tables for a few hours. What a concept, a huge pool, a huge sound system and great dj's, lots of liquour and everyone in their swim wear in 90 something heat. Intense!


Just as quick as we got our third wind to go to an after party our party batteries had no more juice for the rest of the morning. We caught a cab and our cab driver named Stan was the nicest man. We had a craving of Tacos at 5:am and really tacos at that time is just unheard of. Yet Stan the cab driver was quick to the rescue and he found us a Taco joint and tacos we had. Let me tell you after some serious partying 50 cent tacos are like fine dining. Finger licking and all with some hot sauce ofcourse.

Friday, June 1, 2007


It's probaly getting close to about 4 am now which will mean the bar will be closed. Yet Vegas does not sleep so there is still a party after the party. So what is the objective when you go to Vegas? Hmm, let me think, DROP SOME MONEY, DRINK LIKE A SAILOR, AND DANCE LIKE A FOOL!! Yeah, I am alright with that.

Getting down at 2:30 am in Sin City(Continuation)

One hour and a half later of getting ready we are ready to go to the Stratosphere as our drinking time is limited until 4:00 am. So we rush on over to Polly Esther's which consists of 4 different decades of dance music. The 70's, 80's,90's and 00's. My husband and I prefer the 80's room.


Road trips are always fun when you are in good company and your road trip music is just right. This year my husband Alex turned 35 on May 25th. I asked him what he wanted to do this year and he said " Let's go to Vegas baby"! Well, you won't pull my leg twice when you say VEGAS. I hit up a few friends here and there 3 weeks in advance to see who was available for some serious fun. My dear friend Berenice and her fiancee Eric agreed to share the festivities. It just so happened that Eric and Alex share the same birthday so even better! Maris Berenice's sis also came for the party bus. And off we go!! We drove up to Vegas and arrived at about 1:00 am and not a moment too soon. Sin City is calling us to romp in its bright playground.