Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Friendships are Golden

Just recently I made a decision to part ways with someone that was very dear to me. It was not an easy thing to do as this person was someone very dear to me and will always be. I have grown so much in these past few years emotionally, mentally and I feel that the good times are just beginning. I refuse to dwell on the negative like alot of people do. You know, the ol hum and drum of " I have been through so much"! Yeah , well so has the rest of the world! What's new?

I also refuse to surround myself with people that can not respect me or my opinions. Friends should be able to talk about anything.
Definition of a friend is:a person who gives assistance; patron; supporter. Found that in the dictionary. On that note I would like to say that I feel that friendships are not disposable but bad attitudes are. Life is too short for bad attitudes and besides getting angry just ages you more.