Monday, March 9, 2009

How emotionally intelligent are we?

I believe that in our society we put so much value on IQ's and our intelligence. Everyone wants to perceive or show that they are intelligent. We want for our children to grow up and be doctors, lawyers, someone intelligent right? What purpose does all of that serve if we are not emotionally intelligent? The past few years have been a great experience for myself as I have grown emotionally from my own personal experiences. I think so many of us fail to realize that being in tune with our emotions and knowing how to accept them and express them in a constructive manner will only bring us great success in so many other areas. If you were not taught as a child you may always seek to learn. You don't realize how primitive you are with your emotions until something unfortunate happens. Men and Women can't survive on money and food alone, we need emotional strength and knowledge to be well rounded as people. This would make for happier people, less violence, suicides, and shrink bills. It is never too late to become emotionally intelligent.